Fasco F1B 50-16 Upholstery Stapler Pusher Review

The Fasco F1B 50-16 Upholstery Stapler Pusher is a single-shot stapler which might prove really useful if you need something to replace the old, manual staple gun which is a real pain to use. For this one, it’s enough to pull a trigger and the staple will be driven into the material of your choice. No, it’s not magic at all, this is an air-powered staple gun. Thanks to this mechanism, the stapler is also much easier to carry around, weighing only about 2.5 pounds. Not only you don’t have to worry about getting your hand sore from all that lever pushing, you don’t have to worry about getting your arm tired because you need to carry around a heavy stapler.

Fasco F1B 50-16 Upholstery Porter Cable Crown Stapler Review

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Given its name, the Fasco F1B 50-16 Upholstery Porter Cable Crown Stapler Pusher is a staple gun that should be used for upholstery projects in order to enjoy maximum results. Of course, wood can be penetrated by this Fasco stapler, possibly as a proof of its European quality. Reviewers praise that the staples shot with this stapler are able to go through solid hickory with no misfires at all.

Whatever stapler you might want to purchase, it’s important to learn if it’s prone to misfire or to jam, because you can either end up with a stuck magazine or with staples that go where they aren’t supposed to go. None of these scenarios apply to the Fasco F1B 50-16 Upholstery Stapler Pusher, regardless of the number of staples that you are going to fire in a single day. There will be one major difference between other staplers and this one, because air-powered devices feel different. However, it won’t take more than a few staples to get the hang of it and proceed to work on your project.

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The design of the Fasco Stapler F1B 50-16 (Upholstery Stapler Pusher) is as simple as possible. You won’t receive a fancy colored tool, but you’ll receive a simple one that has been designed with the idea of functionality in mind. Thus, it’s quite easy to put it to work and benefit from all the advantages that it brings. One of them is the fact you can quickly access the staple magazine: you need only one finger to do this and thanks to the bottom load design, it only takes seconds to reload the staples or replace the ones inside with others of a different size.

The Fasco F1B 50-16 Upholstery Stapler Pusher works with staples that are either Duo Fast 50 ones or counterparts: you can add ½ inch by ½ inch staples, with a leg length ranging from ¼ to 5/8, depending on your needs. Oil is recommended for use in this stapler and you should add around two drops on a daily basis when you want to put it to work. You shouldn’t worry about oil getting in your way later, as no people complained about it reaching canvases that were stretched, for example. You just have to point and shoot, whether or not you are a pro.

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