Surebonder 9600A Heavy Duty Staple Gun Review

The Surebonder 9600A Heavy Duty Staple Gun with Carrying Case is a must-have for anyone who is not willing to break the bank in order to purchase a high quality stapler, but who knows that low-priced gems are on the market and they are still able to help in a number of projects. Although you’ll need to get a separate air compressor for this stapler, once you hook it up to the gun, you’ll be able to work without having to give yourself or the stapler a break. You won’t need a break because the stapler only weighs 3 pounds and all you need to do to shoot a staple is pull a small trigger and it drives a staple into the target material. The only breaks you need to take when working with this gun are the ones when you have to restock the magazine.

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The Surebonder 9600A stapler has an ergonomic design and its handle is covered in heavy duty rubber for increased grip, so sweaty palms cannot become an issue during use. When you decide to purchase staples for this gun, you should look for 3/8 inch, 18-gauge wire staplers with sizes ranging from 1/4 to 9/16 inch. These staple are highly versatile and prove useful in a wide range of projects. If you need to reload the staple gun, it will take only a few seconds to do this. The quick-release design of the magazine makes it really easy to load up to 100 staples inside. On top of this, you also have a window to see in the magazine so you always know when you’re getting close to needing to refill the gun.

This is one of the most popular staple guns with the most reviews out there. The best part is, an overwhelmingly amount of them are positive reviews. Many people even edited their reviews months after the purchase to provide updates on the status of the tool, which unsurprisingly remained the same. As long as you understand the purpose of the Surebonder 9600A and you load it with the correct staples, the problems are minimal.

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One of the advantages of this pneumatic staple gun when compared to electric staple guns is that you have the possibility to adjust the pressure when you need to. This way, you can test a number of staples and discover the right pressure to use for the material you are trying to staple. This makes it so you can avoid tearing apart a wire or another element that needs to be put in place before you even start stapling.

Overall, the Surebonder 9600A is a high quality stapler gun which is intended for heavy duty uses. It is a high quality staple gun and thousands of staplers later, it will still shoot each staple like it was the first one. You just have to adjust the pressure whenever you feel like you need more or less pressure and you need to keep an eye on the magazine to see when the staples are out. The only downside of the stapler is that the magazine can only hold 100 staples at once. But this was the best compromise that could have been done in order to maintain a robust design of the stapler, making it easy to be maneuvered all-day long.

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