Senco SNS41 16-Gauge Construction Stapler Review

If you need a powerful stapler, you need to look for something like the Senco SNS41 16-Gauge Construction Stapler, a good quality tool which is able to help you out whenever you have to deal with stapling through different materials. The 7/16” staples that can be used in this stapler are perfect for a multitude of projects and you will surely put the tool to good use once you purchase it. Without a doubt, it’s way superior than a simple, hand-powered stapler and you should try and benefit from this as much as possible.

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Ideally, you’d like a stapler that is able to do a good job not just once in a while, but all the time, and the Senco SNS41 stapler is the thing you are looking for. Whether you want to place your roof deck or you want to raise a fence, the 7/16” staples loaded inside this stapler will be perfectly driven into the material you need to work with. Of course, these aren’t the only situations in which the stapler proves its worthiness and over time, you will find many more uses for it, you just have to be willing to work with it, and it will work with you.

The design is quite compact and overall, the SNS41 model of Senco weighs only 4.6 pounds, being one of the most lightweight staples that are not manual ones. This staple gun is air-powered and it does a really good job whenever you have to drive the staples in, but you should aim for at least 100 psi if you want 100% success when shooting the staples. You could go even up to 150 psi, but then you’d create quite a bit of damage as staples will go deep into the material. However, you always have the option to adjust the driving depth so you can work with a strong material and control the shooting distance, as well.
Jams are not an issue with the Senco SNS41, but you should be careful with the opposite. On rare occasions, you might discover the stapler shoots staples even if the trigger is not pressed, but a simple disconnection of the air hose will reset the device. However, you should refrain from pointing the stapler from anything else other than the surface you want to penetrate.

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The Senco SNS41 comes with a nice feature added to the trigger: you don’t have to pull the trigger each time you want to drive a staple into the material; as an alternative, you can keep the trigger pressed and you can just bump the gun into the wood. Thanks to its lightweight feature, it won’t be hard to work like this. On the other hand, you should still have a steady hand because recoiling could be an issue. The exhaust can be adjusted on a 360-degree axis so regardless of your working position, you can drive the air away from yourself, this giving you enough comfort to work as much as you want.

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