Hitachi N5024A2 2-Inch 16 Gauge Wide 1″ Crown Stapler Review

The Hitachi N5024A2 2-Inch 16 Gauge Wide 1″ Crown Stapler is a lightweight pneumatic staple gun that does its job well a large majority of the time. Whether you have to work on a simple Saturday afternoon project or if you have a full week of work ahead of you where you need a reliable staple gun, this one has you covered. Whether or not you are an amateur or an professional, you can easily benefit from the features of this staple gun. Speaking of lightweight, you should know this stapler weighs only about half of the usual weight that an electric staple gun weighs. This Hitachi weighs only 4.7 pounds, which is extremely light for such a powerful staple gun.

Such a lightweight product makes it usable not just for strong men, but also for women who want to get involved in some house redecoration projects and need a stapler which goes beyond the manual realm. You don’t have to worry about hand fatigue, like you would from forcefully pushing the lever of a hand staple gun or from carrying around a heavy electric one. With this gun, you don’t have to worry about a thing. Just remember that you need to purchase the staples that you need for it because they don’t come with the gun itself. 16-gauge, 1” staples are the ones you need and a standard size box of them will last quite a while. The Hitachi is able to hold 157 staples until you need to reload it, which is a large amount of staples, so you won’t have to reload the gun too often. Moreover, the design of the Hitachi N5024A2 allows you to easily check out the remaining staples to see when you need to add more. This makes it so you can benefit from reduced downtime and increased work time, which is what a professional always aims for. Time is money.

The Hitachi N5024A2 staple gun is able to drive staples into many different materials at a rate of 3 staples per second. This is pretty fast compared with other electric staple guns and extremely fast compared to manual staple guns. With this gun, you don’t need to worry about jamming either, as this Hitachi stapler is not prone to jamming staples. Just line up the shot, pull the trigger and you’re ready to move on to the next staple. An additional bonus is that the magazine is stainless steel plated for increased durability so you won’t have an issue in this area either.

Depth adjustment is a must-have when you work with a staple gun and you won’t need an extra tool to do it with this gun. You just have to work with the built-in notch and adjust the nose to the desired height, so you can quickly reach rather inaccessible areas. Overall, the Hitachi N5024A2 is a fine quality staple gun which does its job flawlessly the majority of the time. A high number of customers who praise the product should be just the thing you need to complete such a purchase. Add to this the specific perks of this stapler, such as its lightweight and ergonomic design, its jam-proof firing mechanism and its spacious magazine, and you have a tool which is suited not just for occasional projects, but also for job sites and large projects on a daily basis.

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