DEWALT DWFP12232 18-Gauge 1-1/2-Inch Narrow Crown Stapler Review

If you need a professional tool, you need to check out what DEWALT has in store for you. This time, it is the likes of the DEWALT DWFP12232 18-Gauge 1-1/2-Inch Narrow Crown Stapler that shines. Like its name implies, this stapler uses the generous 1 1/2” staples, with an 18 gauge narrow crown design, making it useful in a number of situations.

Whether you are a professional that has to work around the clock to finish a project, or if you have more time to spare during a weekend working on your favorite project, the DEWALT DWFP12232 can prove to be a great helper. Whether you have to work on a staircase or to build a cabinet, this gun will work for you. You can use it with many materials of various thicknesses, given the fact you can adjust the penetration depth of the stapler. A simple thumb wheel gives you access to the depth adjustment feature, so it won’t take you more than a second to set the stapler up for a new challenge.

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The DWFP12232 is an air-powered staple gun, being the perfect compromise between a manual stapler and an electric powered one. You don’t have to forcefully press on the lever of a manual stapler, and you won’t have to run around and look for a socket in order to connect the gun to a power source. You just take it out of the box, load the staples, adjust the pressure in the air compressor and put it to work. In the case of an air-powered staple gun, it is important to properly set up the pressure, because you can end up with staples that are not fully driven into the material or with others that go too deep and affect the material or break it altogether.

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Considering this stapler weighs only 5 pounds, you shouldn’t have any issues carrying it around and working with it for hours on end. If you are not a very strong individual, you can still make good use of the DEWALT DWFP12232, but you should keep a firm hand on it to avoid recoil when shooting staples. If you also want to avoid dust and other debris from getting into your path, you can easily adjust the exhaust channels in a 360-degree manner so regardless of the way in which you hold the stapler, you won’t have to deal with any inconvenience at all.

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Checking or guessing the number of remaining staplers within a gun is not the most desirable situation when it comes to doing a large amount of work, because it disrupts your flow. This is why DEWALT takes things to another level when it comes to the DWFP12232, giving you the possibility to check out the staples level thanks to a small window available in the loading area. Moreover, because safety is of paramount importance when you work with a stapler, you want to be protected at all times. When you’re in action, you have full control of the trigger; when you have to take a break, you can lock the trigger so you won’t have to worry about accidentally triggering the device at unfortunate times.

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