Arrow Pneumatic Stapler PT50 Staple Gun

The Arrow Pneumatic Stapler staple gun

Crafters and home improvement enthusiasts alike love the power that the Arrow pneumatic stapler guns can provide. If you are a DIY enthusiast, then the PT50 Arrow Pneumatic Stapler Gun is just the ticket for you.

In today’s article, we are going to take a look at all the ways the PT50 Arrow Pneumatic Stapler Gun is a favorite for many crafting enthusiasts. We will also go over all the top features that the PT50 Arrow Pneumatic Stapler Gun provides. That way, you can make a sound choice when you are shopping around for your next crafting stapler. 

Before we get into our review of the PT50 Arrow Pneumatic Stapler Gun, let’s talk a bit about the brand that is responsible for this versatile pneumatic staple gun.

Arrow: Behind the Brand

There are several brands in the fastening industry that have been able to make a name for themselves. Arrow is certainly one of those brands. The company was built in 1929 by its founder, Morris Abrams. Abram’s had a sense of familial values that penetrated into his company. He believed in crafting a product that wasn’t cumbersome and difficult to operate. Rather, his vision was to create a product that allowed you to enjoy the company of those you created with. You can still see his original values in all the products Arrow put out today.

With all Arrow products, consumers can look forward to bonding with friends and family members as they create a project that will last a lifetime. This dedication to craftsmanship is what has helped propel the brand to be one of the most trusted and reputable fastening brands in the industry. Over the past 80 years that the brand has been in operation, Arrow continues to put out innovative and creative products that have helped make the lives of its consumers easier.

What makes the Arrow brand stand out against many of its competitors is the fact that Arrow believes that you don’t have to be a professional to get professional looking results. With Arrow products, anyone can master the art of using their handy tools and accessories to tackle any project they have.

Currently, the brand offers a variety of fastening products including staple guns, rivet tools, and glue guns. One of its most popular product is the arrow T50 staple gun. This staple gun alone has sold over 50 million units and is considered to be one of the best selling heavy duty staple guns on the market. 

Aside from the fact that Arrow has managed to build a long lasting reputation, the brand has also managed to be one of the most versatile fastening businesses in the industry. Their products are not limited to just heavy duty work. Instead, you will find that they offer everything that you need for home improvement projects, to decorating projects such as picture frame creating, as well as other crafting jobs such as upholstery and home decor projects. The versatility that is provided is what has enabled this brand to be one of the most popular household staple guns all across America.

PT50 Arrow Pneumatic Stapler Gun Review

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Now that you have a general overview of the brand that has created the PT50 Arrow Pneumatic Stapler Gun, it is time to get into the nitty gritty of what this popular staple gun can provide. In our review, there are several aspects that we will explore. These aspects include features such as the overall design of the staple gun, the performance of the staple gun, and the ease of use. We will also take a look at the budget of the staple gun and the warranty protection provided to see how it compares against many of its competitors. Without further delay, let’s get started!


One of the highlighting features of the PT50 Arrow Pneumatic Stapler Gun is its design. The design of this staple gun was intended to be appealing to homeowners and novice DIY enthusiasts alike. The PT50 Arrow Pneumatic Stapler Gun features a red and black construction that is iconic of the Arrow brand. The heavy duty construction also gives it the durability that is needed in a high performing staple gun. When it comes to the grip, you have plenty of room for regardless of if you have a small grip or a larger grip. The grip also features a rubber coating with tiny ridges that allow you to have optimal control when you are working with it. 

When it comes to the dimensions of this pneumatic staple gun, you will find that it measures out to 1.7 in by 6 in by 8.5 in. As far as a stapler gun goes, these are you your average measurements. It is also one of the most lightweight pneumatic staple guns you will find on the market as it only weighs just under 2 lbs. When compared to other pneumatic staple guns, you will find that they will generally weigh about 5 or more pounds. This lightweight capability is part of the reason why the PT50 Arrow Pneumatic Stapler Gun has earned the certification of frustration free. Overall, the general design of the  PT50 Arrow Pneumatic Stapler Gun is one of the defining features that make this a great buy. You will not be worn down over extended periods of use because of its lightweight and durable Construction.


When you buy a staple gun for home use, what you need to focus on is its versatility. Unlike nails, staples can work on a wide range of surfaces and materials, from heavy fabrics to leather, plastic, wood and even construction materials like roofing. The pros will look at specialized equipment for each different job because, well, they are pros. For the DIY crowd, it makes more sense to get a compact and easy to wield staple gun capable of working with a wide variety of staples. There is also the safety factor to keep in mind since we are dealing with a power tool capable of driving sharp metal staples through very dense materials with incredible force! 

What makes the  PT50 Arrow Pneumatic Stapler Gun a great buy is that it is so versatile. The  PT50 Arrow Pneumatic Stapler Gun can load and fire no less than SIX different sizes of staples of the heavy duty t50 staples variety. These include the following sizes: 

  • 1/4 inch (6mm)
  • 5/16 inch (8mm)
  • 3/8 inch (10mm)
  • 1/2 inch (12mm)
  • 17/32 inch (13mm)
  • 9/16 inch (14mm)

The more different types of staples a staple gun can load, the more practical that gun is. This is what has allowed the PT50 Arrow Pneumatic Stapler Gun to really stand out in terms of a great pneumatic staple gun. You don’t always see versatility such as this with many of the other competitors.

Safety is another aspect where the PT50 Arrow Pneumatic Stapler has been able to stand out. Accidental firing is always a prime safety concern with many power tools, including nail guns and staple guns. With the case of the PT50 Arrow Pneumatic Stapler Gun, this is not something you have to worry about. This risk is effectively avoided with the built in contact safety feature, which prevents accidental firing of staples when not in use position. The adjustable exhaust cover further adds to the overall safety and reliability of this staple gun. 

Lastly, as with pneumatic tools, the PT50 is also powered by compressed air. Since this is a staple gun designed primarily for home use, it will work perfectly with any affordable small air compressor rated up to a maximum of 120 PSI. Use clean dry compressed air, preferably between 60-100 PSI for best results. Just for your reference, at 120 PSI, you can easily drive staples into dense hardwood like oak and cherry.

Ease of Use 

When it comes to the ease of use of the PT50 Arrow Pneumatic Stapler Gun, you will find that it is relatively easy to use. After all, Arrow does pride itself in being able to create products that any homeowner can operate even those who are not well versed in the home improvement world.

The Arrow Fastener PT50 uses an easy drop-in mechanism for staple loading. The whole process of loading is optimized for speed with a bottom loading magazine system. With an over-molded comfort grip, wielding this pneumatic gun for extended periods of time is simply a breeze. And just in case you are dealing with a particular job that involves hundred of staples, you can always speed up the process a few notches with the useful bump firing option.


Unlike many other home improvement staplers on the market, you will find that the PT50 Arrow Pneumatic Stapler Gun is one of the most affordable pneumatic stapler guns on the market. This is no surprise because after all, Arrow has sold over 50 million units of this product. With all that the staple gun features, you really do get a great buy with the PT50 Arrow Pneumatic Stapler Gun. It should be noted that although this pneumatic staple gun is very affordable, you do need to purchase an air compressor to go along with it. If you do not have an air compressor ready to go when you purchase the PT50 Arrow Pneumatic Stapler Gun, then you will not be able to operate your staple gun. 


The warranty that is provided with PT50 Arrow Pneumatic Stapler Gun is a pretty favorable one. Arrow offers a limited warranty on their pneumatic product. This warranty covers you for 3 years from the date of purchase. In this timeframe, Arrow will repair or replace free of charge any defect that may occur with your PT50 Arrow Pneumatic Stapler Gun. For more details on their warranty information, click here.

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What Customers Have To Say about the PT50 Arrow Pneumatic Stapler Gun

Unsurprisingly, customers who have purchased the PT50 Arrow Pneumatic Stapler Gun are thoroughly satisfied with their purchase. Unsurprisingly, many crafters who happen to be females love the fact that this staple gun is lightweight and super easy to operate. Delicate hands do not find it tiresome which is always a plus!

You will find that you do not have to worry about a cumbersome product that will lock up or jam on you while you are using it either. Instead, the PT50 Arrow Pneumatic Stapler Gun has enabled many crafters to find joy in their project because this staple gun makes it that easy.

The Arrow PT50 Pros and Cons


  • Easy to wield and comfortable to use
  • Thanks to its compact size and weight, it works well in tight spaces.
  • Smooth and reliable operation with minimal jams, misfires or feeding troubles.
  • The bump fire feature is very easy to use with the trigger.
  • Includes replacement oil along with the product.
  • The drive depth of the staples can be easily adjusted by adjusting the air pressure on the compressor.
  • Solid build quality, with special praise for the packaging and plastic storage case.
  • Excellent performance and very affordable.


  • Though only a small niggle, people have found the loading system slightly confusing in the beginning (and only in the beginning)
  • Has to use an air compressor attachment. 
  • Is not a great option for industrial use.

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The PT50 is commonly employed by DIY enthusiasts in the following moderate/heavy duty projects:

  • Re-upholstering anything from antique furniture to car interiors. Such projects work best at 90-110 PSI of power.
  • One of the most effective when dealing with tough high-density PE fibers and sheeting, like Tyvek or Visqueen. Attaching these tough sheets of house-wrap can be a challenge, but the Arrow Fastener PT50 deals with them with ease.
  • Very suitable for use with home insulation, especially when used in the bump firing mode. This pneumatic staple gun can make stapling fiberglass batts look easy.
  • As for working with plastics, the PT50 also works flawlessly when used to fasten ATV seat covers to their plastic bases.
  • The PT50 has also been used to install convertible tops on cars.

Final Thoughts on the Arrow Pneumatic Stapler

If you want a reliable, safe and easy to use staple gun for heavy-duty DIY projects, then the Arrow PT50 Staple Gun is a great option to go with. This staple gun offers users the ease of versatility and flexibility as it can work on all sorts of materials including; insulation, re-upholstering or other minor building and auto repairs. Overall, the Arrow Fastener PT50 is a fantastic option and is also really affordable! If you are in the market for a great staple gun, then the Arrow brand is a great place to start. 

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