BOSTITCH T6-8 Heavy Duty Powercrown Tacker Review

The BOSTITCH T6-8 Heavy Duty Powercrown Tacker is a staple gun that can be used in all sorts of environments without causing a problem. This gun comes in the classic yellow color that you have seen all around tool shops, which makes it easily recognizable. Aside from that, the design is also highly functional, especially when it comes to the handle. The inside of the handle is made out of steel so there’s no fear of breaking it after prolonged use. The outside of the handle is covered with rubber so that both comfort and safety standards are met. There’s no risk involved regarding sweaty and slippery hands on a hot day stapling.

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Unlike other similar products, the BOSTITCH T6-8 Heavy Duty Powercrown Tacker comes with a reliable warranty that extends for seven years, making it 5 years longer than most of the competitors that offer no more than two-year warranties. The T6-8, however, is a sturdy enough staple gun that most likely you will never even need to consider taking advantage of the 7 year warranty. On the outside, the design is the classic one that signifies the reliability and trustworthiness of BOSTICH. Hidden beneath the exterior, is a flawless mechanism which allows the staple gun to work when and where you need it. The handle is built using a patented mechanism that requires only a small amount of pressure to make the tool work, so there’s no risk of getting your hand tired while working a lot.

The Powercrown Staples (Shown on the right) that are used by the T6-8 model are the only ones which work with this gun, and they don’t come with the gun when you purchase it. So make sure when you buy the tool, to be sure you also buy the Powercrown staples so you can get working with it right away. Regarding the staple gun’s usage, if you are stapling any kind of cable, there is one thing worth mentioning which could save you time and energy. It is difficult to correctly place a staple into a corner so you can end up piercing the cable instead of the desired surface. Moreover, you should always double check the wire and see if it’s in the correct position so it doesn’t accidentally get under one of the staple’s notches.

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One thing is for sure, the BOSTITCH T6-8 Heavy Duty Powercrown Tacker lives up to its “Heavy Duty” name and you can really put it to the test. There are a lot of situations in which other staplers might have typical problems, but this one is bound to do a great job in almost any given circumstance. When it comes to price, it’s a bit higher than that of the majority of competitors, but as you put it to work and see its qualities, you will understand why the price is slightly higher. In the end, the BOSTITCH Powercrown Tacker is a fine tool which does its job well whenever you need it. Whether you have to work outside or inside and regardless of the material you are stapling, with small exceptions, this gun will get the job done. The only downside, that of the staples’ compatibility issue, can be easily solved by purchasing the correct staples along with the gun itself, so you can start using it as soon as you have it.

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