BOSTITCH Staple Gun T6-8 Heavy Duty Powercrown Tacker Review


When you are working on any project, big or small, you want to make sure you have the right staple gun for the job. One of the best staple guns from the popular brand, Bostitch is the Bostitch T6-8 Heavy Duty Powercrown Tacker. 

The Bostitch staple gun can be used in all sorts of environments without causing a problem. In today’s article, we are going to give you an in depth review of what makes the Bostitch staple gun one of the best. To do this, There are a couple of features that we will examine in close detail. These features include the overall design of the Bostitch staple gun. We will also take a look at the performance and durability. Lastly, we will go over the budget as compared to other staple guns as well as the warranty that the Bostitch staple gun provides. So, without further delay, let’s get started.

Bostitch: Behind the Brand 

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If you have been around any construction site or have worked on any home improvement project lately, then chances are you have likely seen the popular brand Bostitch around. Bostitch, is the shortened consumer name for Stanley Bostitch, one of America’s most popular construction fastening tools brand. Bostitch specializes in a range of fastening tools including staples, screws, nails, and even pencil sharpeners. The brand first started back in 1896 and one of the first fastening tools that founder Thomas Briggs created was a machine that stitched books together. Since then, Bostitch has been paving the way for helping the world keep their projects held together. From the modern table desk paper stapler to heavy duty nail gun staplers, Bostitch has been the leading force of projects of all sorts coming together beautifully. 

Bostitch Staple Gun Review

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As the trend of doing your own home improvement projects has progressed, many brands including Bostitch have found ways to cater to homeowners who want to be their own contractor. The Bostitch staple gun can certainly be a helpful tool for anyone who wants to do a small renovation on their own. Let’s dive into the specifics of why the Bostitch staple gun is a great asset for anyone looking to take on a project. 


The Bostitch staple gun is rather easy to identify because of its iconic colors that the brand has become so popular for. This gun comes in the classic yellow color that you have seen all around tool shops.  Not only is it super easy to recognize the brand, but this brand recognition has enabled Bostitch to develop a sense of trust with consumers. When shoppers see the brand, they will likely think of durability and dependability because the brand has been serving the public for so long. Aside from that, the design is also highly functional, especially when it comes to the handle. The inside of the handle is made out of steel so there’s no fear of breaking it after prolonged use. The outside of the handle is covered with rubber so that both comfort and safety standards are met. The rubber has simple rivets in it that allow you to have maximum grip when you are working with the Bostitch staple gun. There’s no risk involved regarding sweaty and slippery hands on a hot day stapling.   

In addition to this, the easy squeeze mechanism allows the Bostitch staple gun to be used by all sorts of people. Even those with joint pain or arthritis will find that squeezing the trigger requires minimal effort. Ultimately, what makes this one of the best staple guns on the market is the fact that the overall design is straightforward and simple. You will not have to mess around with complicated bells and whistles to get your staple gun to function.


The dimensions of the Bostitch staple gun are certainly a factor to consider. Unlike many other staple guns, the Bostitch staple gun is a bit lighter then many of its counterparts.  While many staple guns can measure up to two and a half pounds, the Bostitch staple gun only measures out to 1 pound. When it comes to the sizing, this Bostitch staple gun measures out to 8.9 inches by 6.9 in by 1.5 in. When compared to many other staple guns,  the Bostitch staple gun certainly Falls on the average scale of size.

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Performance of the Bostitch staple gun is where this tool really shines. Stapling in your nails is super easy things to the easy pull trigger. Also, there is an innovative lever mechanism that will get you through projects of all sizes. The lightweight and ergonomic design of this Bostitch staple gun are what allow users to work for extended hours and even extended days without getting tired out. And the lightweight design enables you to never cramp up when you are working.

During use, the innovative lever mechanism that is used allows for an accurate staple every time. This means that you will not be going over your work or redoing your work due to a misfire. The only downside when it comes to the performance of the Bostitch staple gun is the fact that you do not have the privilege of versatility when it comes to staples. Unlike other staple guns, the Bostitch staple gun is limited to only Powercrown Staples. For some, this lack of versatility is a major downside, especially if you live in an area where your local hardware store does not carry this brand of staples. Also, it should be noted that when you purchase this Bostitch staple gun, it will not come with the Powercrown Staples. So make sure when you buy the tool, to be sure you also buy the Powercrown Staples so you can get working with it right away. 

Ease of Use

When it comes to the ease of use with this Bostitch staple gun, users are rather pleasantly surprised. The Bostitch staple gun is super comfortable to hold, even more, comfortable to use, and it does not wear you down over an extended period of time. Coupled with the fact that the Bostitch staple gun does not require much effort in operation at all makes it one of your best options to go with. Loading and operating your staple gun is simple and straightforward. This is a huge advantage when compared to other staple guns that can be complex or too cumbersome to operate. 

Regarding the staple gun’s usage, if you are stapling any kind of cable, there is one thing worth mentioning which could save you time and energy. It is difficult to correctly place a staple into a corner so you can end up piercing the cable instead of the desired surface. Moreover, you should always double check the wire and see if it’s in the correct position so it doesn’t accidentally get under one of the staple’s notches.


When it comes to the budget of the Bostitch staple gun, you will find that it is rather reasonably affordable. Especially when you compare it to other staple guns on the market. The budget is a great asset to this staple gun because when you buy a Bostitch product you buy a quality product that comes with the dependability and reliability that Bostitch is so well known for. Not only that but at this budget, this Bostitch staple gun comes with a pretty awesome warranty. Speaking of warranty, here’s what you can look forward to.


Unlike other similar products, the BOSTITCH T6-8 Heavy Duty Powercrown Tacker comes with a reliable warranty that extends for seven years, making it 5 years longer than most of the competitors that offer no more than two-year warranties. The T6-8, however, is a sturdy enough staple gun that most likely you will never even need to consider taking advantage of the 7-year warranty. On the outside, the design is the classic one that signifies the reliability and trustworthiness of BOSTICH. Hidden beneath the exterior, is a flawless mechanism which allows the staple gun to work when and where you need it. The power of the staple gun is only magnified in greatness because of the warranty that it is backed by. 

Final Thoughts on the Bostitch Staple Gun

One thing is for sure, the BOSTITCH T6-8 Heavy Duty Powercrown Tacker lives up to its “Heavy Duty” name and you can really put it to the test. There are a lot of situations in which other staplers might have typical problems, but this one is bound to do a great job in almost any given circumstance. Not only that but no matter your expertise level, you will find that this Bostitch staple gun is super easy to use and even more reliable than most. Whether you have to work outside or inside and regardless of the material you are stapling, with small exceptions, this gun will get the job done.  While there are downsides to this staple them such as the gun not being sold with staples preloaded and the fact that you can only use the staple gun with power crown staples, this should not deter you. Every staple gun will come with its own set of drawbacks, in this case, the drawbacks of Staples should not be the determining factor that keeps you from considering the staple gun for your next project.

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