Arrow Fastener T59 Wiring Tacker Review

If you are interested in a good quality staple gun, then the Arrow Fastener T59 Wiring Tacker might be just the thing you need. Staple guns are usually put to work in a broad range of environments and only a handful of them are actually worthy of a top quality status, so you might have to do a bit of research. However, the T59 Wiring Tacker is well known among professionals and its ratings are at the higher end of the axis, so you can be sure the product is one to be trusted at all times.

The Arrow Fastener T59 Review

The Arrow T59 staple gun has a robust design and is made entirely of steel. On top of this, a chrome layer has been added for the finish, to make it look extra cool. The handle, a critical part of any staple gun, has not been left aside during the design steps. They made it so you can enjoy a rubber grip which makes it really easy to control the Arrow Fastener T59, even if you are dealing with sweaty or slippery palms while working in a hot environment.

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When it comes to the staples used by this Arrow Wiring Tacker, you can use insulated staples. And even better, you are not confined to a single size, but a wide range of staple sizes. You can choose between 1/4” by 1/4”, 1/4” by 5/16” or you can opt for the 5/16” by 5/16” staples. All of them can be loaded with ease, thanks to the simple loading mechanism of the stapler. Jamming is sometimes an issue when it comes to stapler guns and if you end up in this situation, you might have a hard time getting things back on track. However, it is absolutely not the case with the Arrow Fastener T59 Wiring Tacker, because its shooting mechanism is a jam-proof patented one.

No staple gun is able to penetrate through every single kind of material effectively. Those that are used to penetrate hard surfaces can often damage softer ones and those that are meant to be used for soft surfaces, can’t penetrate hard ones. The T59 model is generally average in the “spectrum of penetration strengths”, being able to go through almost anything within reason. Some exceptions would be asbestos siding, metal and of course, concrete. On rare occasions, some people discovered the T59 stapler gun is not able to drive the staples all the way down into the material; however, this could be the case of too strong materials that prevent the staple from going all the way inside. Also, another downside that is usually observed by people who own this staple gun, and have to deal with the stapler for a longer time is that the Arrow T59 is not able to hold a large amount of staples.

This staple gun has been constantly praised due to its compatibility with several staple sizes and the practicality of its use in a wide range of projects. Some of these projects range from installing outside Christmas lights to putting a CAT 5 cable in place around the house. On top of that, the deep guide notch is extremely useful for those that are usually wary when shooting a staple because of the puncture risk. All of these benefits with the easy-to-compress handle makes the T59 a sturdy and useful staple gun.

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