Arrow Fastener T50X TacMate Stapler Review

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When it comes to staple guns that do a good job, you might want something like the Arrow Fastener T50X TacMate Stapler in your toolbox. It’s not the most expensive, it’s not the biggest, but it does a really good job whenever it is put to work. A lot of staplers on the market are designed either for professionals or for amateurs who need to work on small-time projects, but not all of them can do a good job in both cases. Fortunately enough, even if you have to work with a staple gun often or if you just using it for some DIY projects on a Saturday afternoon, the T50X TacMate stapler is a fine choice for you.

The design of this hand gun is a bit different from the ones you might typically see on the shelf, but this was done entirely for the benefit of your hands. The design of the Arrow Fastener T50X is highly ergonomic and sleek, providing a good grip while being used. This way, you can use the stapler in a single session for a longer time throughout the day, without having to stop to rest your hand. What should be known about the Arrow TacMate is that despite its lightweight design, this tool is still suited for more heavy-duty use.

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Pine, soft plywoods and/or plastic sheets are easily penetrated by the staples shot with this tool. Even if you have to work with a harder wood like birch, you will still have a fairly easy time. There is a downside when it comes to the T50X stapler, however. You cannot load brad nails into it like some of the other guns.

On the plus side, there are several kinds of Arrow T50 staples that can be loaded in this gun. These range from 1/4” ones all the way up to 1/2” staples. Keep in mind that you will have to buy some staples separately if you want to use the tool right away because like the majority of staple guns, they don’t come with staples!.

There is one important thing you need to remember when you start using the Arrow Fastener T50X TacMate Stapler around the house. This tool is not designed for wire tacking purposes. The reason for this is because you cannot control the depth of penetration when you set up the shot, so the staples will go all the way through the wall you are trying to tack wires too.

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Many customers who have used this stapler have recommended it because it only requires a small amount of pressure in order to control the handle. This is especially useful if you need to work on that pesky upholstery project of if you are doing something that will need to deliver a larger amount of staples. A final bonus about this gun is that the small dimensions of the design make it useful not just for men, but for women, too. People with smaller hands can easily make use of the T50X TacMate Stapler model.

In the end, whether you purchase this product as an upgrade from previous Arrow models or if you come from a are purchasing a staple gun for the first time, you will easily discover the advantages of the T50X. Of course, it is a tool with minor downsides, but most of the time it will do a flawless job when it’s put to work. Don’t let the look of the gun fool you!

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