Roberts Model 10-600, 120-Volt, 15-Amp, Professional Electric Stapler Review

The Roberts Model 10-600, 120-Volt, 15-Amp, Professional Electric Stapler is a great staple gun which can be used in a wide range of situations where stapling is involved. Manually powered staples are still preferred by old-school workers, but if you want to step into a whole new world of opportunities and make your daily working sessions much easier, an electric stapler is the thing that you need in your toolbox. You don’t have to spend a fortune on it and the Roberts Model 10-600 is the perfect way to see how a reasonably priced electric stapler can work in a wide range of situations.

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Staple guns can be used in a wide range of situations and before you make a purchase, you should take a look at the recommend uses. The Roberts Model 10-600 has been constantly on the recommendations lists when it comes to staplers which can work with upholstery.

Whether you work on a DIY project or you do this for a living, with the aid of the 10-600, you will be able to easily put upholstery in place. And while it works well with upholstery, that is not the only thing it works well with. Don’t neglect all the other materials that are easily penetrated by the stapler.

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A perk of the Roberts Model 10-600 is its weight of 7.4 pounds, which will actually feel lighter than it is. This feeling may be attributed to the well designed structure of the staple gun, which leads to an even distribution of the weight throughout. That means that when you have to work for prolonged periods of time with the 10-600, you will hardly feel it in your hands or arms.

Also, given the fact that it is an electric stapler, you won’t have to worry about getting your hand tired because of the constant pressure applied to the lever. Just pull the trigger and the staple goes into the desired place.

You should look for the Duo-Fast staples with a 5/16” inch size if you decide to purchase this staple gun. These staples might seem small game, but they are actually tough enough to go deep inside wood and secure just about anything you need.

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If you have a two story house and are looking to use this staple gun for carpeting inside, then this is a great gun for you. Many staple guns are unable to go all the way into the corner of the stairs so you might end up with an odd-looking carpet at the end of the day. Not this time though. The Roberts Model 10-600 stapler has a low profile head which easily gets into delicate areas to secure carpet, amongst other materials and situations like this.

Jamming is hardly an issue with the 10-600 stapler so you can go on throughout your whole project without having a single issue with it. Moreover, its quick-release magazine allows you to quickly reload the staple gun and get back to work in no time.

All in all, the Roberts Model 10-600 is great for its price. It works well in many situations and you can’t beat the price. Not to mention, it comes with a carrying case, which has room for more than just the stapler. It also has room for extra staples and other tools so you can always be prepared to do a perfect job.

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