Paslode 900078NT Cordless 3/4-to-2-Inch 16-Gauge Medium Crown Siding Stapler Review

The Paslode 900078NT stapler is a professional staple gun designed for heavy usage. There are lots and lots of staplers available on the market, but only a fraction of them are designed for something more than occasional DIY projects. At some point, if you are working on many construction projects, you are going to need something more. Asking for others to help you out might not be your ideal solution anymore. Instead, you can get your hands on this powerful tool that is able to help you with stapling anything you could possibly imagine.

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Usually staple guns are force-powered and all you have to do is to push down the lever in order to drive a staple through the material of your choice. However, this is something that can get tiring quite fast and it will leave you longing for an alternative solution. And while electric staple guns are an easy answer, having a cord in your way when you use one is not ideal either. But this time, with the Paslode 900078NT, you can get both portability and power. The Paslode 900078NT stapler is battery and fuel cell powered so portability is never an issue. Moreover, for such a massively powerful stapler it is quite a lightweight one, weighing less than 13 pounds. This makes it quite easy to use even for longer periods of time, when fatigue might be an issue otherwise.

Obviously, a battery-powered staple gun like the Paslode 900078NT is able to do a much better job when put at work, but is this something we can quantify? Of course yes. In terms of numbers, the 900078NT staple gun is able to shoot between 2 and 3 staples each second and its fuel cells are able to shoot around 2000 staples before running out. The Paslode uses a battery/fuel cell power system where the battery ignites the fuel cell to shoot the staple. Often times this type of staple gun is referred to as a paslode impulse gun. While the battery will die eventually, it is designed to be able to shoot at least 4,000 staples. When the battery is dead, it can be quickly put into its charger charged quickly, making the tool ready for use in no time.

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If you are familiar with hand-powered stapler guns, this one might be a whole different thing for you. However, it won’t be a drastic change in terms of handling; in fact, you might have an easier time working with this one, due to less fatigue over time. Moreover, thanks to the quick-clear feature of the 900078NT staple gun, you can easily access its nose.

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The Paslode 900078NT Cordless staple gun can use many different kinds of staples with sizes ranging from ¾ inches to 2 inches. This makes it so you can find a lot of uses for the gun while you work on different projects. The nail’s depth can be controlled with ease thanks to the adjustment feature and you don’t have to use a wrench to alter this. Fences, fiber board, HVAC duct work, metal bracing and suspended ceilings, are just a few of the instances in which the 900078NT can prove itself as a worthy staple gun. With its fuel cell/battery power source, this staple gun can run through thousands of staples with little to no hassle. This beast will get the job done in any instance. This is not a child’s toy!

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Paslode 900078NT Cordless 3/4-to-2-Inch 16-Gauge Medium Crown Siding Stapler
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