Choosing an Electric Staple Gun: Complete Guide

A man's hand holds one of the best electric staple guns on the market today

Staple guns are one of the most versatile pieces of equipment out there – there’s so much you can do with them.

Whether you’re looking to get crafty with fun staple gun projects, do some DIY at home, or complete that long-overdue re-upholstery project, you want to be sure you’re choosing the right gun.

Some of the main factors you’ll want to consider include:

  • Corded vs. battery powered
  • Ease of use
  • Budget
  • Staple capacity and compatibility
  • Weight

We’ve here to comprehensively review the best electric staple guns, so you won’t have to spend hours trawling through reviews on different sites or comparing specs.

Ready to find the perfect staple gun for your needs?

Let’s do this.

Makita XTS01Z 18V LXT Crown Stapler

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If ease of use is your top priority, this could be the electric staple gun for you.

The gun is ergonomically designed and has a soft grip, which means it won’t be uncomfortable to use for long periods of time.

It’s battery-powered, which means you won’t be restricted by a cord, and you can take the gun with you when working on projects outdoors. One charge allows you to dispense about 1000 staples, which is pretty good going.

There’s a small transparent window which allows you to see how many staples you have left – a convenient feature which you really miss on guns that don’t have it.

This gun has been designed to work well for a variety of tasks, so it’s perfect for any avid DIYer. Depth control is handled by turning a small knob on the machine, so there’s no problem if you want to switch quickly between depths.

The gun is more affordable than most, but it’s still suitable for professional jobs.

The Makita XTS01Z is perfect for anyone looking for a first staple gun.

It’s easy to use but still has enough power to tackle a wide range of complex projects, from drywall and roofing to carpet and furniture upholstery.

Duo-Fast Carpet Pro

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You’ve probably guessed it from the title, but this electric staple gun should be your go-to if you’re looking to install carpet.

This is one of the most powerful machines available, making it perfect for professionals or keen home improvement enthusiasts.

If you’ve ever tried to install carpet with a cheap staple gun, you’ll know how wrong it can go. Issues range from staples getting stuck, not going through the carpet properly, or coming out of place soon after installation.

This gun features a long nose to help it get through even the thickest shag carpet, and it has plenty of power to ensure staples stay in place.

The magazine is nickel-plated, which means there’s no risk of it collecting carpet lint or becoming jammed – something which can be an issue with other carpet staple guns.

It’s powered by a cord and comes free with 5000 staples and a carry case – everything you need for your first project.

We’d highly recommend the Duo-Fast Carpet Pro to anyone who installs carpet for a living.

If you’re looking to carry out a one-off carpet project, you’ll want to think carefully before splashing out on this gun, as it is fairly expensive.

Stanley TRE550Z Heavy Duty Electric Staple/Nail Gun

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Looking for more than just a staple gun? The Stanley TRE550Z is compatible with nails as well as staples, which sets it apart from similar models.

It’s heavy duty, but a soft grip and ergonomic design mean it’s still comfortable to hold and use.

The machine is powered by an 8-foot cord. This should be adequate for most projects around the house, although an extension might be needed in some cases.

It takes 0-TRA7 series staples and 1/2, 9/16 and 5/8-inch brads, so it’s very versatile – ideal if you’ve got several different DIY projects to tackle.

It’s easy to reload with both staples and brads, and a handy indicator window will let you know when supplies are getting low.

The power is evident as soon as you first use the machine – this staple gun is capable of a lot more than simple re-upholstery and is perfect for those jobs that need a little more than just staples.

It works well on fabric and soft wood, but won’t be suitable for very hard, thick woods.

We’d recommend this gun to anyone looking to complete DIY projects using both staples and nails.

Stanley offers a lifetime warranty which provides great peace of mind if you do choose this gun.

BOSTITCH 651S5 7/16-Inch by 2-Inch Stapler

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If your main goal is to staple wood, this electric staple gun from Bostitch is a great choice.

The large size makes it perfect for projects that other guns might struggle with, including decking, siding, and plywood stapling. If you’ll be dealing with thick wood, this is your gun.

It includes a rapid fire engine which produces ten or more staples per second, making it ideal for jobs you want to get done quickly.

In spite of its power, the staple gun comes in at a pretty lightweight 4.2lbs. It’s comfortable to hold for long periods and is fairly easy to operate.

You do need to use two hands to operate the gun – this isn’t a major issue for most users, but some prefer one-handed tools.

There are plenty of powerful options to choose from, and according to your needs you can:

  • Adjust the depth of drive.
  • Switch between contact and sequential stapling options.
  • Use the vinyl siding adaptor.

If you’re looking to install siding or complete any job involving wood, this is the staple gun you need.

It’s suitable for both professionals and home DIY enthusiasts, and the fast stapling speed really sets it apart.

Which Electric Staple Gun Should You Choose?

Before settling on an electric staple gun, you need to take a good look at your needs.

Consider the following questions:

  • Is this for professional or DIY use?
  • What is my budget?
  • What kind of materials am I working with?
  • Do I need to use nails and staples?
  • How often will I use the gun?
  • How important is an easy operation?

Once you’ve identified your priorities, it’s simply a case of comparing guns to find the one that best fits your needs.

Your new gun will soon become a staple of your tool collection.

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