The Best Electric Staple Guns of the Year

Staple guns are extremely handy and useful, all-around tools that anybody can use for DIY projects, household repairs and more. Many tasks such as installing sheets of insulation, re-upholstering a chair, re-attaching fabric to a chair, installing carpet, and handing Christmas lights are all easier with the help of a staple gun in your hand.

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Many DIY projects and crafts also need the help of a staple gun, such as building a drawer organizer, or covering shelves with a nice new fabric. Because there are so many different models that are designed for different purposes, choosing the right one for you can be a huge hassle and can give you a huge headache in the end. By reading this guide, and doing your research ahead of time, you will be able to make a well thought out decision and it will become a much easier task.

Electric Staple Guns vs. Manual and Pneumatic

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Although there are many of different kinds of staple guns, they can typically be divided into three general categories based on where they get their power from. The three power sources that staple guns are powered by include: manual (Hand powered), electric (Battery or Cord) and pneumatic (Air powered). These three different types of staple guns vary by power source, but they also vary in the ease of use, the amount of power delivered, and the length and strength of the staples used.

Electric staple guns like arrow electric staple gun, paslode staple gun or duo fast electric tacker are a favorite of many people because they run on battery power or power from an electrical outlet. Rather than having to use brute force to drive the staple into the material you are working with, like in a manual staple gun, electric guns have triggers that only require a minimal amount of pushing to shoot the staple. This is desirable for not only heavy duty projects, but for people who are using a staple gun recreationally. It makes it easier on the hands, and doesn’t leave you with a sore arm after a short period of time.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, are manual staple guns. They require a lot of hand strength and a lot of arm power. Sometimes they are more desirable for smaller projects, because they can be taken anywhere without needing a power source, but sometimes they are less desirable because they requires more strength to shoot every nail. After awhile this can get annoying and painful.

Pneumatic staple guns on the other hand are similar to electric staple guns, in that they only require a small amount of strength to shoot the nail. They are also similar in that they require an additional power source to operate. Both electric and pneumatic staple guns are much more powerful than manual ones and are a lot easier on the hands and arms over a long period of stapling.

Pros and Cons

Electric Staple Gun ProsElectric Staple Gun Cons
Easy to operateNeeds a battery or power outlet
Great for heavy-duty usesMore pricey than manual staple guns
Safety switch prevents dangerous misfiresCan misfire and hurt yourself
Uses brad nails as well as staplesChildren can not be anywhere near

What an Electric Staple Gun is Good For (Carpet Stapler, Furniture Stapler, Carpeting Stapler)

Like I already talked about just prior to this, electric staple guns are great because they are easy to use and they drive with power. Another thing that makes them great is that some electric guns allow you to use staples or nails. Electric driven nails can be desirable when doing more heavy duty projects like remodeling a house or installing a fence. Electric staple guns are typically a little bit more money than manual staple guns, but after reading the benefits and learning about the top rated ones, you might decide that you need one as badly as you think.

Electric staple guns are able to staple several staples in a minute, a lot easier and quicker than a manual one. They also drive staples more similarly because the pressure driven each time is the same as the time before.

There are some things that electric staple guns are good for, that manual staple guns are not good for. These include:

  • Installing or Repairing Fences
  • Carpet Stapler
  • Re-upholstering Furniture
  • Carpentry/Woodworking projects
  • Major home repairs
  • Applying Molding
  • Hanging Christmas Lights
  • DIY projects

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What an Electric Staple Gun is Not Good For

While they do have their benefits in many ways, there are people that would prefer to use a manual or pneumatic staple gun. Some complaints about electric ones is that they are more dangerous. One misfire and you could be going to the hospital.

There are some things that electric staple guns are not good for and these include:

  • Hanging up christmas lights
  • Re-tacking carpet
  • Minor upholstery projects
  • Minor home repairs
  • Fastening two objects together
  • Art projects
  • Projects that involve hard to access areas

The Best Electric Staple Guns of 2018: Arrow electric Staple Gun, Paslode Staple Gun, Duo Fast Electric Tacker

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