Paslode Stapler 900078NT Cordless 3/4-to-2-Inch 16-Gauge Medium Crown Siding Stapler Review

The Paslode 900078NT staple gun

The Paslode 900078NT stapler is a professional staple gun designed for heavy usage. There are lots and lots of staplers available on the market, but only a fraction of them are designed for something more than occasional DIY projects. At some point, if you are working on many construction projects, you are going to need something more. This is where the Paslode staple gun comes in. This is one of the most powerful tools you can get your hands on in terms of performance power, durability, and dependability. Read on to see how and why this is such a trusted power tool for handymen, tradesman, and DIY lovers all over the nation. 

In today’s review, we are going to take an in depth look at what makes the Paslode staple gun one of the best staple guns to bring with you on your next project. To help you get a better understanding of all that this staple gun has to offer, there are a couple of aspects we will look at. Exploring these aspects will allow you to determine whether or not the Paslode staple gun is a great option to go with.

Before we do any of that, let’s take a quick look at the brand Paslode and what it is all about.

solution anymore. Instead, you can get your hands on this powerful tool that is able to help you with stapling anything you could possibly imagine.

Paslode, Cordless XP Framing Nailer, 905600, Battery and Fuel Cell Powered, No Compressor Needed
  • Increased Productivity - Drives nails flush in LVL and other hardwoods that remodelers encounter.
  • All Season Formula - Works in temperatures down to 14°F.
  • Lightweight - 7.2lbs. for better comfort and control while working overhead or in tight spaces.
  • Guaranteed Durability 50% Longer Run-time with 7V Li-ion Battery for up to 9,000 nails per charge.
  • Compact Design: Fits between 16" o.c. studs, joists and roof trusses.

Paslode: Behind the Brand

As with any great brand that has made its mark, Paslode has been around for quite some time. The brand was founded in 1935 and looked a lot different than it does today. Paslode is the now popular (attempted) acronym that stands for PAcking Shipping LOa DEvises. The brand made its mark with its first-ever stapling hammer. Then, in 1959 the brand paved the way by developing the world’s first pneumatic nailer. Unsurprisingly, it seemed there was no stopping the innovation of this brand as they continued on to put out even more varieties of great nailers and fastening tools.

With Paslode, the name of the game is reputation. The brand prides itself on being one of the most reputable power tools on the market. If you have been in any home improvement store lately, then you have likely come across this brand. Their iconic orange and grey color scheme is hard to miss. 

Currently, the brand is one of the leading rights reserved manufacturers of fastening as stapling tools. The brand has been in operation for over 80 years and is committed to offering nothing but the best. Customers have picked up on this dedication, and they appreciate it. For years, this is the brand that contractors, construction workers, DIY enthusiasts and specific tradesman of all sorts have been turning to. When you shop Paslode, you can look forward to shopping some of the best high performance and high quality fastening power tools. 

900078NT Paslode Staple Gun Review

Our review of the Paslode staple gun will be broken down into several facets. We will take a look at specific features such as the Paslode staple gun’s design, performance and ease of use. In addition to that, we will take a look at other aspects such as the budget of this staple gun as well as the warranty coverage you can expect to find with this staple gun. Lastly, we will conclude with a brief snapshot of why customers who have purchased this staple gun consider it to be one of the best on the market. So, without further delay, let’s get started with our breakdown of what the Paslode staple gun has to offer. 


When it comes to the overall design of the  900078NT Paslode Staple Gun, there is a lot to enjoy. The 900078NT Paslode Staple Gun features a unique design that makes working with it a bit easier. For starters, the 900078NT Paslode Staple Gun is cordless. This gives you the power to roam around your work area with freedom. You will not be limited to working in one specific area, or working with annoying and hazardous extension chords. You dont even need to deal with complicated hoses or compressors either. 

When it comes to the 900078NT Paslode Staple Gun, each purchase comes in a kit. The way the kit is designed is great as it keeps everything you need all in one place. In your purchase, you can expect to find a rugged case that will keep everything nice and protected. Your case also has intentional grooves and placeholders that will keep everything nice and secure. You will also find a rechargeable battery and charger that you can take with you everywhere. There is also the handy owners manual that will allow you to understand how to use your 900078NT Paslode Staple Gun in depth. Lastly, we appreciate that Paslode has taken it upon themselves to also include a pair of safety glasses so that you can work with the thought of knowing that you are protected. This little touch is not something you will often see with other brands.

When it comes to the dimensions, you will find that the 900078NT Paslode Staple Gun weighs 6.3 pounds (this is with the weight of the battery). This is just a bit higher than many average staple guns that weigh about 5 – 6 pounds. This lightweight aspect allows you to have a comfortable handle of the stapler that will not tire you out.

When it comes to the staple gun itself, we appreciate that the ergonomic design makes it one of the easiest staple guns to hold and operate. In the handle area, you do not have to worry about discomfort because the bulk of the weight is on the head of the stable gun and not on the handle area. Speaking of the handle, this is where we have found one of the unfortunate downsides. We have to say it is a bit frustrating that the handle does not come with a more comfortable grip. It is lacking in any sort of cushion such as a rubberized coating. For some, this is frustrating as it can cause discomfortable after an extended period of time. 


The performance of the 900078NT Paslode Staple Gun is certianly a great feature of this staple gun. For starters, this electric stapler was designed to be used professionally. Because of this, you can expect that this staple gun will serve you will in even the most difficult of projects. 

The Paslode 900078NT stapler is battery and fuel cell powered so portability is never an issue. Usually, staple guns are force-powered and all you have to do is to push down the lever in order to drive a staple through the material of your choice. However, this is something that can get tiring quite fast and it will leave you longing for an alternative solution. And while electric staple guns are an easy answer, having a cord in your way when you use one is not ideal either. But this time, with the Paslode Stapler 900078NT, you can get both portability and power. 

In terms of numbers, the 900078NT staple gun is able to shoot between 2 and 3 staples each second and its fuel cells are able to shoot around 2000 staples before running out. This control of power is a major display of how something so small can provide such ample performance. The Paslode uses a battery/fuel cell power system where the battery ignites the fuel cell to shoot the staple. Often times this type of staple gun is referred to as a paslode impulse gun. While the battery will die eventually, it is designed to be able to shoot at least 4,000 staples. This is a healthy amount of staples, especially if you are working on a big job. When the battery is dead, it can be quickly put into its charger charged quickly, making the tool ready for use in no time. If you are a contractor who is constantly in need of the power provided by the Paslode stape gun, then you may even want to consider purchasing an additional battery so that you always have access to power. 

The Paslode staple gun can use many different kinds of staples with sizes ranging from ¾ inches to 2 inches. This makes it so you can find a lot of uses for the gun while you work on different projects. The nail’s depth can be controlled with ease thanks to the adjustment feature and you don’t have to use a wrench to alter this. 

Paslode 918000 Cordless Li-ion Brad Nailer
  • Accurately place every nail with open line of sight
  • 4.6 Lbs. - Lightest cordless brad mailer
  • 7V Li-ion battery drives up to 12,000 mailer per charge
  • 1-1/2 Hour Full Charge; 2 - minute quick charge for up to 200 extra shots
  • Drives into harder woods with total accuracy

Ease of Use

What makes the Paslode staple gun a great option to go with is the fact that you no longer need to rely too heavily on others to get a job done. Instead, you can get your hands on this powerful tool that is able to help you with stapling anything you could possibly imagine.

When compared to other electric staplers, there is a bit of a learning curve you need to consider with the Paslode staple gun. If you are familiar with hand-powered stapler guns, this one might be a whole different thing for you. However, it won’t be a drastic change in terms of handling; in fact, you might have an easier time working with this one, due to less fatigue over time. Moreover, thanks to the quick-clear feature of the 900078NT staple gun, you can easily access its nose.

Once you do get used to operating the Paslode staple gun, you will find yourself wanting to work on all sorts of projects. The Paslode staple gun can work on a variety of surfaces including fences, fiberboard, HVAC ductwork, metal bracing and suspended ceilings. These are just a few of the instances in which the 900078NT can prove itself as a worthy staple gun. With its fuel cell/battery power source, this staple gun can run through thousands of staples with little to no hassle. This beast will get the job done in any instance. This is not a child’s toy!


When it comes to the budget of the 900078NT Paslode Staple Gun, it should be noted that you will find this to be one of the more expensive models on the market. This is unsurprising considering all that this staple gun has to offer. For example, the 900078NT Paslode Staple Gun was primarily designed to be used on heavy duty projects and in commercial settings. Coupled with the power and performance you can expect out of this gun, you really do get what you pay for. To help alleviate the expense of the fight 900078NT Paslode Staple Gun, you may want to consider shopping around for the best deal as different retailers do have different offers. Regardless, purchasing the 900078NT Paslode Staple Gun is a purchase you will not regret. If you have a handy man or women in your life who loves tackling heavy duty projects, then the 900078NT Paslode Staple Gun can make for the perfect gift. 


When it comes to the warranty protection of the 900078NT Paslode Staple Gun, you can look forward to a pretty substantial and standard protection level. The 900078NT Paslode Staple Gun comes with a one year limited warranty with a 5 year extension. There is also a 90 day normal wear and tear coverage on parts. 

Paslode, Pneumatic Framing Nailer F325R, 513000, Air Compressor Powered
  • Lightweight - Lightest framing nailer ever - only 5.9 lbs- for less fatigue and more control when working overhead and in tight spaces.
  • Great Maneuverability - Fits easily into the tightest spaces such as between 16" o.c. studs.
  • Increased Productivity - By-pass follower provides quick 2-step re-loading.
  • Remodeler'S Fit - Great for sheathing, blocking, and moving interior walls.
  • Precise - Fewer Jams And Misfires When Used With 30° Paslode Framing Nails: 2" to 3-1/4" in length, .113" to .131" shank diameter.

What Customers Have to Say about the 900078NT Paslode Staple Gun

It is no surprise that customers who have purchased the 900078NT Paslode Staple Gun absolutely love it. Many who in the line of construction and even those who are tradesmen have expressed how the 900078NT Paslode Staple Gun has made their lives a whole lot easier. Unlike many of the competition, you do not have to worry about cumbersome parts that will make your workload more difficult. Also, those who use the 900078NT Paslode Staple Gun absolutely appreciate how it is cordless. This makes a world of a difference as you are able to move around your work area with ease. You do not have to worry about tripping over unsafe extension cords or air compressor hoses. Overall, the 900078NT Paslode Staple Gun simplifies your workload so that you can get more done in a shorter space of time. 

Final Thoughts on the 900078NT Paslode Staple Gun

After our review of the 900078NT Paslode Staple Gun, it is clear to see why it is a favorite of so many handymen and tradesmen. If you need dependability and power that will get you through tough to tackle projects, then you may want to consider giving the 900078NT Paslode Staple Gun a look. We are positive that you will be impressed with the durability and power that this compact tool provides. 

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